• A wooden sign that says "La forêt dans la ville".
    New Caledonia

    Travel Journal: Noumea Part Three

    The Centre Culturel Jean-Marie Tjibaou and the Parc Zoologique et Forestier are two places that I wanted to visit while I was in Nouméa. I had been recommended the former because of it’s famous architecture and had discovered the latter…

  • Legs stretched out on a sun lounger with the sea in the background.
    New Caledonia

    Travel Journal: Noumea Part Two

    I’ve decided I need to win the lottery and buy an island, or at least sometime in the future have a holiday home in some place like this! Monday was spent wandering through suburban streets to find a boulangerie that I had…

  • Black, white, and yellow Angelfish in the aquarium.
    New Caledonia

    Travel Journal: Noumea Part One

    Yesterday I touched down in New Caledonia’s La Tontouta Airport (after a bit of a delay caused by Auckland’s heavy fog) and stepped out of the plane into a beautiful, tropical, blue-skied day. After a mini-tour of the city’s suburbs…