• Greenwich, London
    United Kingdom

    A guide to Greenwich, London

    Greenwich is located at 0º longitude, where the eastern and western hemispheres meet. With both a nautical and royal heritage, here you can walk in the footsteps of mariners and monarchs alike. A substantial part of this area has been…

  • United Kingdom

    Visiting William Morris’ Red House, London

    When I was studying design at university, we had many a class focusing on the history of art and design. One of the things we learned about in one of our caffeine-fuelled 8-in-the-morning lectures was the Arts and Crafts movement.…

  • Colourful houses in Bristol
    United Kingdom

    Photo Diary: Bristol

    I visited Bristol last year on a short trip where I also visited Bath. After stepping off the bus that I rode into the city, I wandered to see the Christmas Steps and St. Nicholas Market. Feeling a bit peckish,…

  • United Kingdom

    A day trip to Bath, England

    The past month has been a bit of a hectic one. I’ve moved into a flat, applied to many jobs, attended interviews, and finally got offered my first job in London! I visited Bath while I was on a spontaneous…