• Colourful houses in Bristol
    United Kingdom

    Photo Diary: Bristol

    I visited Bristol last year on a short trip where I also visited Bath. After stepping off the bus that I rode into the city, I wandered to see the Christmas Steps and St. Nicholas Market. Feeling a bit peckish,…

  • United Kingdom

    Photo Diary: Early Days in London

    After a year of saving and planning, I finally moved to London earlier this month! I’ve been combining job hunting with a good dose of being a tourist as I’d only visited the city for two days a few years…

  • New Zealand

    Photo Diary: Hawkes Bay

    I recently spent a long weekend visiting family in Central Hawkes Bay.Think rolling hills and picture postcard scenes of rural New Zealand. This winter has been quite mild in New Zealand and this weekend was no exception.On the nicest day…